Come and join the alternative Āgenskalns Free Tour - an authentic walking and sightseeing tour in Riga, where professional, local born guides take you into one of the city's oldest suburbs still looking like 100-150 years ago! Legends, people, architecture, history, food and drinks!


The tours are run FRIDAY - MONDAY at 11:00 starting in front of the NATIONAL LIBRARY.

It lasts 2 hrs 30 mins and is donations based!


PRIVATE Agenskalns alternative TOURS also available! Send us a meesage via CONTACTS!


Everything, that defined Āgenskalns as an independent, powerful part of Riga 100 - 150 years ago and still is today.

The workers' houses and architecture of the aristocracy, parks, the market and other public houses, industrial area, hipsters and pets, local bakeries, pubs and restaurants and other unique landmarks.


The address is Uzvaras bulvāris 2, Riga - Latvian National Libary by the flags!

Look for the guide with Ā!


"I can really recommend Agenskalns tour, it was amazing :) Our guide was really kind and motivated providing us with a lot of information about the city, especially the districts not so well known by tourists. This gave us a good impression of the "non-touristic" Riga and the daily life of locals. Despite the fact that our group was small we had an amazing time and the guide was guiding us through various districts and providing a lot of background information about social and economic conditions, politics, architecture and art." Shonstom, Luxembourg


"The tour took us around an area, where the quaint Rīga still stands, full of charming wooden houses, Art Nouveau buildings and other picturesque gems. This is also the place where the new Rīga is taking shape, so the contrasts between the old and new, the past, present and future are strikingly interesting." Vitor, Portugal


"I can totally recommend it as a fantastic way how to spend 3 hours getting to know one of Riga's most curious and lovely neighborhoods. If you wanna look behind the typical images of the Old Town and Riga center, go for this tour and you will really catch the real vibrant vibe of Riga. The tour is full of useful information, interesting facts and fun stories" Baiba, Riga


"Amazing tour through neighborhoods outside the historic center, it is different and provides another idea of Riga". Marta, Uruguay


"The tour takes you through one of the oldest and most spectacular neighbourhoods in Riga. If you take this untraditional tour, you will have much more authentic experience and knowledge of Riga. The tour is suitable for both visitors and locals, the guides show you all the best places with good food and reasonable prices, and are really passionate about what they do. Don't be afraid of crossing the bridge, the other side of Daugava river is even more exciting than the Old Town!" Marija, Madrid.


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